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    a Dalit is "up to 27 times more likely to be trafficked than anyone else"
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Dalit Freedom Network

We want to prevent
the human trafficking and modern slavery 
of women and children from Dalit, tribal
and other poor and marginalised communities 
in India.

With your help, we can.

The Challenge

Modern slavery is a global issue; it affects every country.

In India, where human trafficking is mainly internal, most of those who are trafficked or in bonded labour are from Dalit* (Untouchable), Adivasi (tribal) or other poor and marginalised communities.

Our Response

Responding to requests from Dalit leaders, Dalit Freedom Network is working to give opportunities, hope and dignity to women and children in these communities.

We do this through a range of trafficking prevention programmes run by our Indian colleagues.

Your Vital Role

Join with people of goodwill from all walks of life here in the UK to help raise awareness, call for change, and to support on-the-ground projects.

You can help us make a real difference in the lives of individuals and whole communities...

icon free a child

...through education

icon free a woman

...through trafficking prevention
and economic empowerment

icon free a community

...through building a
movement for change

Resources and information to equip you to take action and help Dalit Freedom Network UK prevent the human trafficking and modern slavery of women and children from Dalit, tribal and other poor and marginalised communities in India. There are three sections in our infobank - raising awareness, lobbying for change and supporting trafficking prevention programmes in India - select the appropriate section below...